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it happens

it's an irrefutable, indisputable, absoluteable, totally beautiful fact

11 July
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about me.
unapologetic fangirl. book lover. tv watcher. maybe obsessive. always nerdy.
i love: libraries. bookstores. diet coke. sugarland. amanda tapping. elizabeth mitchell. reed diamond. alan rickman's voice. laura dern. olivia williams. country music. dinosaurs. spaceships.
30 rock. alias. arrested development. battlestar galactica. caroline in the city. cougar town. csi: original recipe. dexter. dollhouse. enlightened. frasier. friday night lights. fringe. lost. modern family. once and again. once upon a time. pushing daisies. sanctuary. stargate sg-1. the big c. the closer. the oc. the pretender. the x-files. veronica mars. warehouse 13. weeds.
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24, 30 rock, adelle dewitt, alan rickman, alexis davis, alias, amanda tapping, andrea parker, annie wersching, battlestar galactica, bbc's sherlock, betty white, books, broadway, capslock, castle, catherine willows, catherine/grissom, cheesecake, china beach, colleen mcmurphy, concerts, cougar town, csi, dana delany, dewitt/dominic, diet coke, dinosaurs, eddie mcclintock, elizabeth mitchell, fangirling, flail, general hospital, gil grissom, gregory house, hair, harry potter, helen magnus, helen magnus/everyone, helen/james, helen/john, helen/tesla, helen/will, irina derevko, jack bauer, jack bristow, jack deveraux, jack o'neill, jack/jennifer, jack/juliet, jack/renee, james watson, jarod/miss parker, jax/alexis, jeff dunham, jennifer horton, jennifer nettles, john druitt, juliet burke, kc koloski, kc/boonie, kc/mcmurphy, kristian bush, kristin chenoweth, laura dern, laurence dominic, libraries, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, lost, marg helgenberger, mashed potatoes, melissa reeves, michael t. weiss, mika, modern family, movies, music, musicals, myka bering, nancy lee grahn, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, netflix, olivia williams, peaches, pete lattimer, pete/myka, phil dunphy, phil/claire, pj pants, pomegranate flavored anything, potatoes, pushing daisies, quotes, ranting, reading, reed diamond, renee walker, robin dunne, sam/jack, samantha carter, sanctuary, sara bareilles, sarcasm, severus snape, sg-1, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, stargate, stargate sg-1, sugarland, ted dekker, the pretender, thr3e, tina fey, traveling, vacations, victor garber, waffles, walking, warehouse 13, wicked, will zimmerman, yoga