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LOST Premiere Teasers: Part The Second

Part 1

Season 4
The Beginning of the End

Season 5
Because You Left

Season 6


+ Made for lost_land 's Big Bang.
+ Please don't repost anywhere. They will be posted to my Tumblr soon-ish. (And by soon-ish I mean when those annoying Tumbeasts decide to take a break.)

Tags: art: picspam, lj: lost_land, tv: lost
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Ooh, this was such a good idea! The premiere teasers were always awesome.
Thank you!
Oh man I love this! Such an excellent idea. :)
Thanks!!! :)
This is great!! I love the idea you chose. Awesome job.
Thank you!!
So pretty! ♥!
Thank you muchly, lady! ♥
YAY SHI YOU MADE IT! Congrats on finishing the BB girl!! *cheers*
Very nice idea of a theme, and the picspam turned out great!
*WIPES BROW* I feel so ~accomplished now. :D
Fantastic picspam! Makes me want to rewatch :)
Thank you!! As I was capping, I wound up watching all of the S3 premiere, so I know the Wanting To Rewatch It All feeling. ;)